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“Clarinet music from Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1991.

Discovering an unexplored side of the clarinet repertoire”


A wide and artistically highly valuable repertoire has been composed for the clarinet in the former Soviet Union. However, just a small amount of these compositions are well known and regularly performed. This artistic research aims to explore the variety of this specific repertoire and to examine the significance of this music in a contemporary context.

As a performer, I am searching for new artistic perspectives on a neglected aspect of the clarinet literature. As a researcher, my goal is to increase the amount and the accessibility of relevant information within this field of music.

For the audience, the results of this research can be a starting point for a broader perception of clarinet music from Russia and the former Soviet Union. Clarinetists and other performing musicians, as well as researchers of related topics, can benefit from the results that aim to close the gap between lacking information and the value of this unexplored music.

The unique and personal approach of artistic research opens up the possibility for a future dialogue between present-day musicians and meaningful musical material from a finished era. In this artistic research project I am treating several subtopics, such as Jewish music in Russia, Soviet composers in emigration, or suppressed compositions – all seen from a clarinettist's point of view, but in a notably wider context than the instrument alone.


This artistic research includes a series of five concerts in Camerata, Helsinki Music Centre between 2014 and 2018. Finishing of this research project and publication of the website with a large composition database is scheduled for spring 2019.


This project is part of my  doctoral studies at the Sibelius-Academy, University of Arts Helsinki, DocMus doctoral school.